North West Builders /NWMG

North West Builder/NWMG Group has been operating a small size construction company under North West Builders (dba) having its office situated in Houston, Texas since 2001. Has been awarded and completed  several projects of shopping centers and hotels/ Motels in Texas and Oklahoma.   

North West Builders has rapidly grown their customer base by providing clients with well-priced projects due to reasonably low overhead, creative, approach and professional expertise. Over the years North West Builders has increased and led its revenue from $7 million in 2005 to $24 million in 2009. Currently the company has over & 60 million dollars’ worth projects in hand to be accomplished by 2024. This business plan leads the way. It renews our vision and strategic focus: adding value to our target market segments, in the local market as well as nationwide. It also provides the past performance statistic and, present status of the company and future projections based on past and present performance…



North west management Group  professional team insures that North West Builders maintains its performance consistency by continuous training and development to provide high quality workmanship to their customers with creative and practical investment opportunities. We exist to attract and maintain customers. It is the goal of the company to achieve a great reputation for quality and on-time delivery.

The Siraj family has been in construction service over 70 years prior to migration to USA. This business of  construction has been a profession for the last two generation as service to the community. Moreover, the directors/ owners have over 40 years of  hands-on experience of project development, implementation, execution & construction in addition to financial & industrial managerial experience through involvement in Multinational projects and organization.

The company employs are retained as and when requirement basis on merit and selection depending on size and technical need in the office and on various projects. As the business grows, additional full-time employees are added to handle the increasing workload.

NWMG maintains membership in the Better Business Bureau, Association of Building and land development contractors and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Business Profile & Company summary

1 Introduction of the company (corporation)

2 Product & Services

3 Management Summaries

3.1Personnel Plan
3.1.1Position/Title: President

3.1.2Position/Title: V.P Project Director

3.1.3 Position/Title: Engineer

3.1.4 Position/Title V.P: Construction superintendent

3.1.5 Position/Title: CFO/Accountant

3.1.6 Position/Title: Human Resources Manager

3.1.7 Position/Title: Administrative Assistant

4.0 Organizational Chart

5.0.Table: PersonnelProjection

6.0 Competition Overview (North West Builders Vs Other Builders)

6.1 Competitive Advantages


North West Builders is a unit / subsidiary of North West Management Group (NWFMG), a registered corporation under North West Trading (USA), Inc. since Dec 19, 2001 in state of Texas, USA.

This corporation started by group of professionals. The management and executive staff combined have experience of over seventy years in managing industrial, commercial. Residential and office construction management. The group consists of highly skilled professional to provide project management expertise in construction management as well as industrial.

“North West Builders is in business as a general contractor/ project management consultant and also occasionally as subcontractor in some cases depending on the nature of project size of capital exposure of the project. Our work is spread in Dallas, Houston Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State.  

North West Builders prefer involvement in projects from its concept of planning and execution and strive to provide the best services possible to our customer. We carried out construction of any project from small to a large size project  from start to finish regardless the project is small or large shopping centers, Warehouses, motel /hotel, product improvement project (PIP) and even some remodeling projects .

Corporation with its professional manager and engineers are capable of handling construction work of any magnitude up to Twenty million dollars constructions work from planning , designing , structure engineering , civil which may involve construction of  road construction of recreational  facility , educational institution Construction involving, offices , commercial complexes hospital, hotel, Warehousing ,recreation center, stadium and industrial plant construction including mechanical installation and erecting of a production unit. Our goal has always been to chase project completion well before the targeted schedule with skill and excellent management practices. 

North West Builders has grown its customer base by providing clients with Well‐priced projects; our price has been extremely competitive due to reasonably low overhead, creative Approach and professional expertise. 

North West Builders has managerial staff includes engineering, technicians and skilled professionals with vast experience and background on 24 /7 availability who can handle any awarded projects with great care and professional approach.  

Due to professional and project management background the objective is to achieve the highest level of performance & results achievement from North West Builders working team keeping in view of it team construction exposure & experience of local working environment with city and county required system and codes almost over 18 years in Texas.

North West Builders for past several years has been keen & try keep focus  its activity primarily in the Commercial Construction on the development of Town Houses, apartment complex, commercial and residential construction, that also includes construction of Hotel and motel gas stations, retail businesses and industry sector in within state of Texas around Houston metro in view of observation of almost over hundred thousand family’s influx from other state in Texas and more particularly Houston and it surrounding. Thus, it has created big attraction for builders and demand and supply for huge residential need for small and medium size housing.


Maintain access to a dynamic and highly skilled workforce. The U.S. market in commercial construction requires workers who are knowledgeable and skilled. NORTH WEST BUILDERS   have access to workers with extensive technical skills to successfully manage commercial construction projects. Critical skills include engineering, specialized construction and administrative services.

Establish a reputation of quality work and craftsmanship. “North West Builders”,provides top rate construction work to all clients. The craftsmanship standards set internally by the company to meet or exceed local industry standards by following Texas regulated every city defined well-regulated industry. Engineering and industry standards are in place to ensure that buildings are constructed with a certain degree of diligence and will be safe for occupancy.  Regulations in Texas include the International Fire Code, the Life Safety Code, the National Electrical Code, the Uniform Fire Code, the International Plumbing Code, and the International Building Code and Existing Building Code. These regulations are international in nature and North West Builders has been strictly ensuring the compliance by strict management policies. Texas does not require specific licensure for contractors that would impact.

Establish relationships with contractors and local businesses. “North West Builders   ”,establish relationships with businesses that will need to engage with construction service companies on a regular basis.

Establish positive relationships with vendors. North West Builders maintain positive relationships with suppliers of material inputs, such as fixtures and prefabricated parts as well as raw materials such as concrete, steel and other important construction supplies.

  • Residential & commercial construction of town houses, apartment complex & office buildings
  • Motel & Hotel & PIP
  •  Retail Building and Strip Mall Construction
  • Gas Station Construction
  • Convenience Store Construction
  • Renovations and Retail Build outs
  • Clinics & pharmacies

Out team members who are positioned at key position in the organization are highly qualified professional manager , engineers and designers with high skilled architectural back ground with over combined together over 150 years’ experience .The founder member of the team Syed Mahmood Siraj has MBA degree Chapman University and DBA from Claremont graduate school has started this corporation in 2001 with DBA North West Builders under North West Trading (USA),Inc .  

3.1Personnel Plan
The following descriptions detail the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of key employees of Sahara that will be hired over the next five years:
3.1.1 Position/Title: President
Description: The CEO of the company focused on establishing the overall strategic goals of the business, engaging in business development, contract bidding and ensuring the company has the necessary resources for success.

  • Coordinate with the parent company, operation has sufficient resources to succeed.
  • Work with company management to ensure that corporate goals are realistically established, and that the business has the support needed to achieve its goals.
  • Engage in contract bidding, input sourcing and assignment of company resources to specific
  • Oversee management of overall operations of the business.
  • Establish and develop relationships with key customers and buyers.
  • Oversee the creation and maintaining of marketing and sales efforts on behalf of the company.
  • Control operational costs to keep the business within budget, including risk minimization for the company in all areas such as claims and safety.
  • Recognize and/or reward managerial employee contributions.
  • Meet with managers and supervisory staff on a monthly and annual basis to assess performance, provide feedback and discuss ongoing goals.
  • Effectively communicate company policies and plans to all managers.
  • Ensure appropriate safety procedures are in place.
  • Report to the parent company periodically on the performance of the U.S. subsidiary.

3.1.2 Position/Title: V.P Project Director
Description: Project Directors are the main point of contact with clients and are assigned one or more projects at a time which they will oversee.

  • Oversee and manage the project team including architects, engineers, construction managers and administrative support.
  • Develop schedules and budgets for assigned projects in conjunction with the Construction
  • Identify and evaluate possible construction and engineering solutions to best meet project goals while staying within budgetary constraints.
  • Prepare detailed construction cost estimates and documentation.
  • Work cooperatively with and ensure that construction superintendents work cooperatively other contractors on site to fulfill clients’ needs.
  • Regularly provide project status updates to clients throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Ensure projects are completed within budgets and schedules while meeting client needs, business objectives and design guidelines.
  • Delegate project assignments to appropriate project team members.
    Preferred background and experience: Project Managers typically have a college degree or higher in construction or engineering, several years of experience and credentials such as a PMP certification, or a similar project management credential.

3.1.3 Position/Title: Engineer
Description: Engineers work under Project and Program Managers to evaluate technical requirements for projects and devise solutions to fulfill those requirements.

  • Perform engineering tasks to completion that may include a variety of complex features,
    conflicting design requirements, unusual materials requirements, and the need to coordinate with the work of others.
  • Maintain excellent technical judgment, and appreciable independent evaluation, creativity, and latitude in making decisions are expected.
  • Demonstrate ability to devise innovative solutions to problems while meeting customer requirements.
  • Develop objectives, schedules, and estimates for difficult assignments.
  • Direct and supervise the activities of moderate to large size teams of junior engineers, technical writers, planners, and designers.
  • Review progress and evaluate results of work accomplished by self and other team members.
  • Interact with customer technical representatives to define and manage customer expectations.
  • Assess vendors for competence, capabilities, licensure, and resources.
  • Review/answer/approve change reports in conjunction with a Project Manager and client.
  • Assist in Bid and Proposal efforts.
  • Reports to Project Manager.
    Preferred background and experience: Bachelor’s Degree or higher in construction or engineering and
    membership in nationally recognized engineering society. Ideal candidate has 5+ years in the commercial
    construction industry, or similar.

3.1.4 Position/Title V.P: Director Operation of North West Builders 
Description: Construction superintendents oversee all phases of a construction project from initial planning to completion and work with Engineers, Project Managers and other team members.

  • Schedule subcontractors, consultants, and vendors in critical path to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Perform quality control duties and responsibilities regarding the work being performed.
  • Communicate with project team regarding day-to-day project status.
  • Ensure that subcontractors are fully executing and complying with contracted scope of work.
  • Coordinate required inspections with local jurisdictions.
  • Identify subcontractor non-compliance with safety, health, and environmental quality standards.
  • Identify conflicts in construction progress and communicate them to project team for resolution.
  • Maintain daily log of activities on the jobsite.
  • May perform Superintendent Duties at multiple job sites simultaneously.
  • Ensure subcontractor has corrected all deficiencies identified by project team.
  • Preside over weekly subcontractor meetings designed to coordinate the work.
  • Issue notices of non-compliance to subcontractors in regard to quality of work or scheduling.
  • Ensure that the job site is always kept in a clean and organized manner.
  • Perform job progress and completion punch list identification and completion.
  • Report to Project Manager.
    Preferred background and experience: Bachelor’s Degree or higher in engineering or construction. Ideally maintains project management certifications. Ideal candidate has 5+ years’ experience in construction, preferably commercial construction.

3.1.5 Position/Title: CFO/Accountant
Description: A CFO/Accountant’s responsibilities cross virtually every aspect of a construction
organization. They prevent the company from making catastrophic errors and omissions and are the driving force for positive changes to enhance productivity. A successful CFO demonstrates a breadth and depth of skills, as well as management and leadership abilities, and is extremely capable in all economic environments.

  • Provides leadership in the development and continuous evaluation of short and long-term strategic financial objectives.
  • Ensure credibility of financial objectives by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts.
  • Take hands-on lead position of developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive job cost system.
  • Direct and oversee all aspects of the Finance & Accounting functions of the organization.
  • Evaluates and advises on the impact of long-range planning, introduction of new programs/ strategies and regulatory action.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with company President, Project Managers and Engineers to identify their needs and ensure resources can be appropriately allocated.
  • Provide executive management with advice on the financial implications of business activities, including project bidding, proposals, equipment purchases and other decisions with potential financial impacts.
  • Manage processes for financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting to the President.
  • Provide recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance and business opportunities.

Preferred background and experience: The ideal CFO/Accountant have a degree in finance or accounting and experience in the construction industry. It is preferred that the candidate has his or her CPA designation.

3.1.6 Position/Title: Human Resources Manager
Description: The Human Resources Manager serves as the point of contact for company employees and subcontractors to ensure that a balance between company needs and employee needs can be appropriately identified and actioned.

  • Develop and manage overall employee relations.
  • Implement performance management policies and procedures including compensation and succession planning, benefits administration, and payroll administration.
  • Works with payroll service provider such as Paychex or ADP.
  • Provide advice to management on employment decisions, including hiring, disciplinary and termination decisions, ensuring compliance with company policy and federal and state regulations.
  • Identify training needs and allocate resources to fulfill training needs.
  • Create a network of potential new hires for future consideration.
  • Actively participate in professional groups pursue certifications in relevant disciplines to insure continuous professional growth. Preferred background and experience: The Human Resource manager has a college degree in Business Administration or Human Resource Management. The ideal candidate for this role has 3+ years of experience in Human Resources for a construction company.

3.1.7 Position/Title: Administrative Assistant
Description: Administrative Assistants often find themselves wearing many hats and juggling tasks. They are often tasked with keeping track of budgets and ensuring all departments adheres to the funds that have been allocated. At times, they may be enlisted as project leaders in roles that require advanced organization and planning skills. Administrative Assistants provide support at all levels of the organization.
Answer and direct phone calls.

  • Organize and schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Maintain contact information for customers and employees.
  • Produce and distribute correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms.
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports.
  • Develop and maintain a filing system.
  • Order office supplies.
  • Book travel arrangements.
  • Submit and reconcile expense reports.
  • Provide general support to customers and staff.

The Administrative Assistant position will require an individual with a high school degree. The ideal Administrative Assistant will have office experience and knowledge of general office etiquette and procedures. Time management, multitasking and prioritization of work are important skills. An Administrative Assistant must have a keen attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office is necessary as well.


5.0.Table: PersonnelProjection)
Typically Proposed Yearly Personnel Hiring could take place based on project Plan for over $ 10 million and above construction operation.
President –     
CFO/Accountant –  
HR Manager –        
Adm.Assistant –                
Project Director              
Architect Engineer      
Civil Engineer       
Procurement Manager      
Acting. Payable/Receivable Specialist                    
Civil Project Manager      
Total Yearly Payroll      

6.0 Competitive Advantages
North West Builders due to its extensive experience of the business principals in this industry. The team has local over one & half decade direct experience & exposer in the commercial construction industry, Secondly, North West builders believes that it will be able to keep costs low and work with low marginal profits hence passing portion of benefit to customers.