Market Overview

Supply chain is a vital part of business enterprises of any product be it both tangibal & intangible product. Manufacturing becomes complex if the manufacturers does not take into consideration of an appropriate transportation , packaging and communication of the product in respect of its economical configuration in order to minimize the expenses for the transfer of product from the manufacturer to the consumer and is not cost effective. The product transportation plays a vital role in the distribution of the product in any supply chain management system. which help to mitigate the complexity in product selling. Commodities are some of the important products in tangible product segments which include metal, oil & gas and others which needs a customized commodity supply department with transparent supply chain process.

Global commodity buyers urges to choose and have flexibility for their product selection to buy the products & services also how to receive services, and return goods. It make venders in difficult situation with buyers high expectation. ultimately vender struggles to keep his profit margins high for the vendors, which makes it challenging for the vendors to protect profit margins.

North Wiest uses most appropriate SCMS for the optimization of expenses and cost reduction by finding research base source of transportation , providing valuable information to the supply source and creating a cost effective product supplier with technological Solution.